Thursday, February 9, 2012

What I Did This Morning! Feeling: Cold! BRR!

My little brother was playing on the keyboard and he turns it up all the way. Me and my sister share a bedroom and she doesn't get out of bed unless she HAS to. She starts yelling at my brother to SHUT UP! (in a nice way) I wasn't sure if Vanessa (my older sis) woke me up or if my brother did. Well after that happened I was saying to myself, " I'm probably not going to fall back asleep so I should get out of bed," And I did. Mom made pancakes (the kind better than a pancake restaurant) and they tasted better than I remember. If that happens to you TELL HER! Moms like to be complimented on their cooking, baking, roasting, and toasting! They do a lot of work for you every day. She makes you food, she washes you clothes, and so on! I keep encouraging my mom to write a book or start a blog. I like writing little stories and it's a good way to spend the time. My mom is a good writer and I think she would do an awesome job! You GO girl!

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