Friday, August 3, 2012

It's My Birthday!

*SPOILER ALERT* The following is RAMBLINGS!!!

Well, I'm officially twelve at ten fifty-seven (10:57) on August third. I didn't have cake, but instead had cookies. I also had a friend over for a few hours. I was really excited that she came over on my birthday. Aaaaannnnnddd I got my new Canon camera.... without a memory card. I mean, come on! But the good news is that I'll be getting one tomorrow. That's it for now and I'll be posting more this week so stay on the edge of your seat waiting...     waiting...      waiting... 

Thanks for listening to my ramblings. That's pretty much what I just did there. Sometimes you just have to let it out. In the following days I'll try to share a story. See ya soon, love ya lots, farewell, Adios!


  1. Happy Birthday!!! :D Yayyy Canons are AWESOME!

    1. Thanks! I agree, Canons are awesome.

  2. Well Happy Birthday! There's nothing wrong with rambling. :) I hope the coming year brings you many joys and blessings.

    Psalm 103:5


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