Friday, March 9, 2012

Going To Camp! Feeling: Tired from Camp.

So here's where I'm staying: The Florida Elks Youth Camp.

I took this picture from the car so it's kinda blurry.

Here's part of the room. I took the picture from my bed.
 Just my glasses I found at the beach.

 We stayed in cabins nine and eight.

These flowers were planted near everyone's cabin.

Let me explain, you put the suit and you jump onto the yellow and black thing.

Bounce house! My parents call it a "Moon Walk".


That's my Build-A-Bear, Pony-Pony-Riding-Horse. I've had her since I was four. She'll be eight on September 9.

I did so much at camp, but I was so busy I only took pictures one day. I got to do relay races, scavenger hunt, fishing (and I even got my own fishing pole and tack!), lunch, basketball, craft, and then outdoor skills! 

If you have gone to camp before I'd love to hear about it! Just comment below and share your story! Bbbbbyyyyeeeeee!

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