Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Bunch of Random Stuff!!! Feeling: Bundled up like 20 dollars bills!

I like taking pictures of nature. Enjoy!

My dog, Brady Cornelius Baker. My Lamb-Butt. I call him Lamb-Butt because whenever he gets a hair-cut, he looks like a lamb! Well, at least from the back of the-...... never-mind. 

 Cloud formations.

 Misty whiteness.

 Sunrise while going to the SATs. Your like, "what is she talking about?" The SAT's stand for Standard Achievement Test. We go to a school with real teachers, real classmates, and fake lunches. They call it "brain food". They give us cookies and milk. Brain food??? No. I didn't think so. Fish, broccoli, and home-made, healthy french fries. That's what I call "brain food".

Underneath a weak tree.
 A light brown and white horse I spotted in the car.

You probably know by now that I really like taking pictures of nature. Snapping photographs of people are so predictable. Planet earth is never going to be the same. Even the best software program for making pictures "pretty" is never going to come close to REAL photos. Gotta go take a quick shower, practice a little more piano and read a tad more before sleep. I'm re-reading the Land of Elyon series by Patrick Carman.    

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