Thursday, April 5, 2012

Another Post 'Bout Random Stuff! Feeling: Mixed like cake before baked!

Let's go to the beach! To the beach! Fred Howard park, of course. (muffled speaking) In Tarpon Springs? (muffled speaking) Never heard of it? You should of at least heard of it before. Well, I'll show you some pictures. Maybe it'll jog your memory.

 Clear, cool, crisp water just waiting for a splash or two or three or four.

 My little brother caught a fish!
 And so did I!

 My mom made that.

 I like sleeping on the counter in the kitchen. KIDDING!!!!!!!!
 Joke's on you!!!
 For lunch, homemade Chick n' Dumplin Soup.

 The "About Me" section doesn't cover it. This should...

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